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crossedgenres's Journal

Crossed Genres Publications - the official blog
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Crossed Genres magazine's official blog
Welcome to

Small press publisher of Science Fiction & Fantasy with a twist

This is the official community for Crossed Genres Publications. This community gets blog posts, publication announcements, contests, etc. We also encourage discussions and comments about current and past issues of CG Magazine, and our novel and anthology publications.

Community Rules

You're welcome to post questions here, of course, as well as discussions about the press and its publications; however, if you're going to be giving away spoilers, please put them behind an LJ cut and label them. Our writers and artists would like to hear what you have to say! (Criticism is fine and even encouraged, but please keep everything civil.)

Do NOT post advertisements or links to other communities/blogs to crossedgenres. If you have a writing or SF/F/H-related group or site you want to share, email us and ask. Posts that haven't been approved with advertisements or unrelated links/comms/blogs will be deleted without notice and the poster will be banned.